Cui Xinguang

 Associate Professor

    Huazhong University of Science and Technology 

    Nationality: China



06.2012; PhD in mechanical engineering, Interdisciplinary Center of Scientific Computing University of Heidelberg, Germany

01.2008; Bachelor of mechanical engineering, School of Aerospace, Tsinghua University, P. R. China

07.2005; Bachelor of mechanical engineering, School of Aeronautics Science and Engineering, Beihang University, P. R. China


05.2019 – Present   Associate Professor, Huangzhong University of Science and Technology, China

03.2014 – 05.2019   AffiliatePostdoc FellowSenior Research Associate, Project scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA

08.2013 – 03.2014   Postdoctoral scholar, University of California, Merced, USA.

07.2012 – 08.2013   Research Fellow, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

10.2011 – 06.2012   Scientific employee, University of Heidelberg, Germany.

08.2008 – 09.2008   Scientific Guest, University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Research area:

Multiple-phase flows, Computational fluid dynamics, numerical modeling, respiratory flow, biofluid mechanics, environmental fluid and the man-machine-engineering system.


Currently my group has vacancies at different levels such as research assistantgraduate student for master/PhD degree and Postdoc fellow. Welcome anyone who is interested in computational fluid mechanics, biological and environmental mechanics to join in my group. Let’s conduct world-class research happily together.  

Social roles

Reviews of journal in Physics of Fluids》、《Journal of Geophysical Research:Atmosphere》、《Plos one》 、《Atmospheric Environment》、《Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiologyand so on


1, Numerical modeling aerosol transport in the biological and environmental fluids. Start funding, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China, 2019-2022

2, CFD study the flow field and aerosol transport in a whole-lung airway model using large eddy simulation, collocate with Texas Tech University, USA, 2018-2019

3, Assessing Biomass Resources in USA with Geospatial Modelling Method and Billion-Ton Data, DOE project, LBNL, USA

4, Generating Seasonal LAI of Crop and Grass based on MODIS product, LBNL, USA

5, Quantifying fossil and biospheric CO2 fluxes in California using ground-based and satellite observations, NASA project, LBNL, USA

6, Wildfire impacting the electricity grid in CA in long term, CEC project, LBNL, USA

7, Source Sector Survey of Natural gas emissions from California Infrastructure, CEC project, LBNL, USA

8, Atmospheric Measurement and Inverse Modeling to Improve Greenhouse Gas Emission Estimates, CARB project, LBNL, USA

9, Speciation of Central Valley GHG Emission using In-Situ Measurements of Volatile Organic Compounds, CARB project, LBNL, USA

10, Dissipative particle dynamics applying in the atomistic force Microscope tip, University of California Merced, USA

11, Vortex generation and bubble motion in a microfluidic mixer with PZT actuation, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

12, CFD study on the flow field and particle deposition and dispersion in the human upper respiratory system, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany

13, Numerical simulation of supersonic impinging jet, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

14, Construction of high-order compact scheme, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

15, Numerical simulation of transonic flow over wing-body combination, Beihang University, Beijing, China.


2008-2011DFG fellowship under IGK 710 and HGS MathComp

Selected publications

1, Cui, X. G., Gutheil, E., Large eddy simulation of the unsteady flow field in an idealized human mouth-throat configuration. Journal of Biomechanics, 2011. SCI, impact factor: 2.66.

2, Cui, X. G., E. Gutheil, Three-dimensional Unsteady Large Eddy Simulation of the Mono-disperse Particle Dispersion and Deposition in the Human Upper Respiratory System, Journal of Aerosol Science, 2017. SCI, impact factor: 2.04.

3, Cui, X. G., E. Gutheil, Large eddy simulation of the poly-dispersed particle deposition in an idealized mouth-throat, Atomization and Sprays, 2018. SCI, impact factor: 1.29.

4, Cui, X. G.*, E. Gutheil, Large eddy simulation of the flow pattern in an idealized mouth-throat under unsteady inspiration flow conditions, Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology, 2018. SCI: impact factor: 1.65.

5, Cui, X. G.*, W. Wu, E Gutheil, Numerical study of the airflow structures in an idealized mouth-throat under light and heavy breathing intensities using large eddy simulation, Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology, 2017. SCI, impact factor: 1.65.

6, Cui, X. G.*, S. Newman, X. Xu, et al., Atmospheric observation-based estimation of fossil fuel CO2 emissions from regions of central and southern California, Science of the Total Environment,, 2019. SCI: impact factor: 4.61

7, Cui., X. G., O. Kavvada, T. Huntington and C. Scown. Strategies for Near-Term Scale-Up of Cellulosic Biofuel Production Using Sorghum and Crop Residues in the U.S., Environmental Research letters, 2018. SCI, impact factor: 4.4.

8, Farnoud A., Cui, X. G., Baumann, I., E. Gutheil, A. Numerical Simulation of the dispersion and deposition of a spray carried by a pulsating airflow in a patient-specific human nasal cavity, Atomization and Sprays, 2017. SCI, impact factor: 1.29.

9, Jeong S., Cui, X. G.,etc., Estimating methane emissions from biological and fossil-fuel sources in the San Francisco Bay Area, Geophysical Research letters, 2016. SCI, impact factor: 4.25.

10 Martinez-Hernandez, E., Cui, X. G., etc., Techno-economic and greenhouse gas analyses of lignin valorization to eugenol and phenolic products in integrated ethanol biorefineries. Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining, 2019, SCI, impact factor: 3.38.

11, Shang X. P., Cui, X. G., Huang, X. Y. and Yang, C. (2014), Vortex generation in a microfluidic chamber with actuations. Experiments in fluids, 2014. SCI, impact factor: 1.83.

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14, Marc L. Fischer, Nicholas Parazoo, Kieran Brophy, Cui, X. G., Seongeun Jeong, Junjie Liu, Ralph Keeling, Thomas E. Taylor, Kevin Gurney, Tomohiro Oda, Heather Graven, Simulating Estimation of California Fossil Fuel and Biosphere Carbon Dioxide Exchanges Combining In-situ Tower and Satellite Column Observations, Journal of Geophysical Research. Atmospheres, 2017. SCI, impact factor: 3.45.

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